De Reunie van MigratieRoute Tetterode


The event will be opened with Sara Mohammadi and Godfrey Lado, who will present the just printed photo report book of MigratieRoute Tetterode on 7 & 8 July 2018.

Some short inspiring promotion films with Chris Keulemans & Özkan Gölpinar and the contribution of migrants will be shown, followed by report films of the two public days – made by Nies Medema and Gadaa Hunde.

Oumar Mbenque Atakosso will give a presentaion of the insight of the Load/Unloading project of MRT. Some organisers of workshops will also tell about their experiences during the workshops with migrants. Everybody will be invited to give their views on MRT through the open microphone.

After some fine soup, bread, snacks and salade one of the documentaries shown at MRT will be screened.

Thank you for mailing us if you’ll be present:

We hope to see you all!

Bella, Yusuf, Vincent, Oumar, Rens, Jaffar