afscheidseten en mooie dankwoorden

Anna Sidorenko:

The initiative to help Ukrainian artists who invited us to the art residence M4Gastatelier made it possible to switch attention from destructive news to thoughts about creative work, which was not easy. At this time, the help and support of the Dutch colleagues, friendly participation were invaluable. I can say with confidence that in the face of many colleagues, I have made new friends. Here I started work on the Living Water project. The result of the work was a personal exhibition at the MG Kunst gallery and the publication of a limited edition album of the same name, the proceeds from the sale of which will go to support Ukraine.

Bilyk Ksenia:

This difficult year helps me to grasp how important art residency is, because first of all, you have free time and space to make your mind work better, to be far away from your daily routine and problems, so your thoughts become more productive. I found all this in M4, where, thanks to concentration and a friendly atmosphere, I was able to rethink my artistic practice, as well as make new works. 

If in my first series of works, I studied myth-making in the context of medicine, after the start of the full-scale war of Russia against Ukraine, my research moved into a more military point of view. Therefore, I devoted my time at the residence to the study of this issue.

Ania Riabova: 

It was the most helpful opportunity to stay safe, continue to work, adapt a bit in a new city, and start studying in Sandberg. On the other hand, because of m4 and the opportunity to concentrate on my work, We finished the Oberih publication fundraising project for Ukraine that continues to help people in Ukraine. I am grateful for that help and new connections with the grates community because of m4.